In storm on an island, Heany presents the poem as a constant battlefield between man and nature. The way he does this is by using the language of metaphor and Oxymoron. “Space is salvo” From this quote, we understand that salvo is relating to a shootout between nature and man. The line of explaining space […]

This poem is about a soldier in battle. This is interesting as the writer describes the field full of clod which suggests that the battle zone is dirty and a bad environment to be fighting in. It seems like the poem is in a war zone The line “Bullets smacking the belly out of the […]

Originated from the heart of Russia, we were once a tight pack formed as a colony. Raised by the ‘Canis lupus communis’ pack. They taught us how to feed, how to fight and most importantly how to survive. It was crazy to be honest, how we actually made it through. There was one problem, people […]

For the majority of us, poverty is just something we witness while watching T.V programs and on the news. However, there are people who have to deal with this on a daily basis. How can people just assume that everything is fine here in the UK? It’s funny how the media and the government controls […]

From the words “Get in, get out. Don’t linger. Go on” suggests that this title is used to make people want to know what happens throughout the story or maybe read the blurb as it isn’t a direct title of what the story is about.

“I’m not a bad guy. I know that sounds – defensive, unscrupulous – but it’s true.” This starting sentence intrigues people to read on mainly because of the fact about how he says he is not a bad guy, and how people most likely think he is because he said it. This wants us to know why people think he is bad, and what could he could have done.

“Nilda was my brothers girlfriend” This is how all stories began. This suggests that the narrator saying this has a brother, and his brother has a girlfriend. Also, the word was suggests that she was as in past tense was his girlfriend, of which makes us, the reader , wants us to find out why.

“Years later you would wonder if it hadn’t been for your brother would you have done it?” This starting sentence suggests that something bad has happened. The reason I believe that something bad may have occurred is simply because of the words ‘Would you have done it?’ This main word for this quote is ‘Would’ This word suggests that there is another option that could have been made in order to achieve something else, which is normally used when people are regretful of something they ‘would’ want to change around.

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In this essay I will be explaining how Ron Suskind uses language to make Cedric’s education seem difficult. I will be doing so by comparing quotes to one another, explaining the different languages devices/techniques that have been used and by describing the quotes in detail in part one and two of his articles. The writer […]

In this essay, I will be discussing how Hip-Hop still has a positive message behind it. One way the emcees do this is by criticising the reel. I will explain what this is in the next paragraph   The reel is used in many Hip-Hop lyrics throughout the world. Hip-Hop used to be about social […]

In this text, it tells us the origin of Hip-Hop, where it started, who started it and what year did of start to become highly successfull. Soon after, the text describes how Hip-Hop is used to help many company’s, commercials and products around the world